Delinquent Banner

Sometimes, all it takes for a user to update his payment detail is to be shown an in-app notification that brings him directly to the billing page. LlamaKeep has an optional feature that lets you do just that.
If you enable this optional feature, for as long as your user subscription is delinquent, then a banner will be shown telling him to update his payment details.
A delinquent subscription is a subscription that has failed the most recent payments for whatever reason, usually due to insufficient funds or an expired credit card.
For example, in Stripe this is status past_due and unpaid.
After you have enabled this feature in LlamaFi, it will start working automatically after you initialize the widget, if you have already followed the steps to implement the LlamaFi widget. The banner will be shown after you invoke the function .init(), but you first have to update it like this:
const config = {
id: 'string',
billingId: 'string',
email: 'string',
firstName: 'string',
lastName: 'string',
goToBilling: () => {} // new required paremeter
As you can see, there is a new parameter called goToBilling which is the function that will be executed when the user clicks on the call-to-action to go and update his payment info. You can do whatever you want in that function, like redirecting the user to your billing page, opening a modal, or navigating to the correct menu in your app, but we recommend keeping the number of steps to a minimum to avoid losing the user attention.