Modal design

UI is one of the core values that we hold dear and we know that you do too. That's why we made it so you can customize the appearance of the LlamaFi modal to fit your brand and deliver the best experience for your users.
The best thing? You don't need to change anything in the script to change the design of the modal, just make your changes on the dashboard and they will automatically be delivered to all your users.

Customizing the design

To customize the design just navigate to the "Design" section from the left menu and start your customization. As of now, you can customize:
  • The primary color: used for the buttons
  • The font and font color
  • The background color: used for light or dark themed modal
  • The border radius of the buttons
  • The style of the buttons (outline, filled or light)
  • The font color of the buttons (if your primary color needs a strong contrast)
While changing the various customization options you will see a real-time render of the modal to help you understand how each option is applied.
If you think we are missing something or you would like more customization options, please contact us at [email protected]
Last modified 5mo ago