Contact information

After setting up your coupon codes, we'll ask you to insert the contact details that you want your customers to contact when they choose to talk with someone before canceling their subscription.
An email address is required and a phone number is optional, we will show both if they are entered and the customer will choose their preferred method of contact. You'll also have the option to add a schedule call url (e.g. Calendly). This gives your customers an option to schedule a meeting with a representative from your team if they need additional support.
We strongly recommend that you enable notifications for the contact information that you provide and that you respond promptly to all messages that you receive. Remember, these are customers that were going to cancel their subscription but decided to give you an extra chance! We see the best results from teams who are prompt with their responses.

Offer Mapping

The next step is setting up a coupon code for each of your active products and a downgrade plan. For each of your products, you have to set up a coupon that will be offered to the user when trying to cancel and the plan that is a downgrade for the current one and the respective price for the downgraded plan.
If you don't have any coupons, you can quickly create one in LlamaFi or create one in your billing system then come back to LlamaFi and refresh the page.
As for the coupon, we recommend a 30% discount, since this has shown to be the best performing one.

First Question

Here you will be able to configure the answers that the user can choose from once he starts the cancellation flow. The first question is about asking him why he is leaving.
You can also configure the offer that the user will get if he picks that specific option. The category field is used for reporting purposes only.
We have already configured some answers which you can leave there if they work for you. If you decide to add more, never go above 7 different options.

Second Question

The second question is for finding out what the customer liked most about your product and getting important feedback. Here you can set the different answers.