This is the feature used to make your user change plans and pass to bigger ones or to convert freemium users to paid users.
Using the upsell feature requires two different steps, first of all you need to configure it, then you need to qualify which users should be offered the option to upgrade (via the in-app widget).

User Scores

To identify which users should receive the prompt to upgrade to a higher plan, we use a scoring system, after the score reaches a certain threshold that you define, that user will be prompted to upgrade. This ensures that the user experience will not be worsened in any case and only qualified leads will receive the prompt.
To tell LlamaFi which users should be qualified, you need to call this code snippet when you want to register an important event in your app:
window.LlamaFi.score({ value: X }) // where X is an integer
Every time you call this function we keep track of the total score of the current user.
An example would be for an iphotethical Premium Instagram app:
you may want to offer the premium version only to those users that have engaged in the app actively, so, every time a user creates a post, you call the .score() function.


The configuration is very similar to the others, for each product and price that you want to make offers to, you have to set the new product and new price that they will be prompted to upgrade. For each offer, you also have to set the required score that a user needs to reach before receiving the offer, the three main features that the user will receive by upgrading and an optional coupon code that will only be prompted to the user in the last attempt at upgrading him.
You can also set up a planComparisonUrl that will be shown to the user to explore the differences in plans even further and the max number of attempts.